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  The dynamics of Computer Telephony Integration is rapidly shifting. Soon, a majority of consumers will  have access to an IP-based alternative phone service from various service providers. NEI visualizes CTI  playing a key role in the ever-changing world of Information Technology in the future. NEI is focusing  clearly towards providing solutions that enable all information and messaging requirements to be  handled through telephonic and other communication devices.

 NEI will continue to evolve in providing CTI-Enabling Solutions and ready-to-use Business Response  Systems, by Voice enabling these solutions.

 NEI is currently working on Embedded Speech Technology and is committed to making products easier  to use and allowing information access in a convenient and safe manner.Embedded Speech will be  used in automotive, home, and personal electronics markets.The future of embedded speech  technology is very exciting and holds the incorporation and integration of new embedded speech  technologies.

  NEI proposes to reduce the physical dependence and geographic restrictions of users on their  computers by providing solutions that enable users to access information and data over phone/fax or  even email irrespective of their location. NEI is also focusing towards developing Voice-Enabling IVR  solutions, thereby removing the need to punch in numbers on the phone while interacting with an IVR  system; thus ensuring complete freedom and mobility to its users. Finally, geography is history now!
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