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 NEI uses software developer tool kits, speech engines, database management systems, web- server technologies, networking technologies, voice recognition technologies, messaging  solutions and web-enabling technologies for developing its applications and solutions. However,  two prime technologies form the very basis of the business:

  •   The Voice of Intelligence: 
  •  Mankind, like any other part of the ecological system, is subject to constant evolution. There has  been so much development in the last 10 years alone; it is hard to believe how far we have come.  Looking back, we find ourselves having advanced from a stage where humans have worked like  machines to develop machines that now work like humans.
     Artificial Intelligence, as we speak of it, has become a ‘real’ force in our technological evolution.  From developing our own intelligence through the ages, we have now managed to produce a  simulation of human intelligence processes that are performed by computerized programming and  equipments.
       NEI Technologie Pvt. Ltd. Is one such organization, which works with the technology of  tomorrow, today!

  • Computer Telephony Integration:
  •  Bearing unparalleled expertise in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), NEI is engaged in  providing Customized CTI-enabling solutions across various segments. NEI’s specialty is in its  ability to CTI-enable an existing application to provide a two-way interaction between the computer  and phone; without getting back-to-board, thereby saving its clients’ time, effort and costs.

  • Voice Automation Technology:
  •  Voice Automation Technology is a telephony technology, which enables users to acquire  information from a database or enter/edit data into the database using a touch-tone telephone. This  technology does not require human interaction over the phone as the user's interaction with the  database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user to access and/or edit.
    19 March 2018