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 Pursuant to its agreement with Cantata Technologies, NEI will market and distribute its  products across India and the rest of the subcontinent. NEI’s Preferential Pricing  Arrangement with Cantata Technologies enables quick and easy penetration of the products  in the Indian subcontinent. The products categorize as under:

  Voice Processing Products: enable you to rapidly build voice messaging, digital recording  and call switching solutions of all sizes and complexity.

  Fax Products: offer the platform of choice for advanced applications such as network faxing,  broadcast fax services, fax-on-demand, and more.

  Data/WAN Access Products: provide global solutions for WAN Access on T1/E1, Primary  Rate and Basic Rate ISDN, Frame Relay, HDLC, X.25.

  IP Telephony Products: include high-performance platforms for Voice over IP, Real-Time fax  over IP, and Store-and-Forward fax facilities.
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