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  NEI focuses on brin technologies. NEI’s growth into a leadership position within the CTI ging computer  and telephones together and doing away with the need to by physically present at one’s PC. This has  led to its technology and distribution partnership with one of the world’s leading companies in IT & CTI  sectors.

  Cantata Technologies, USA: NEI is the only company in India to have a strategic technology and  Premier Distribution Partnership with a global leader in CTI hardware and software technologies. NEI’s  growth into a leadership position within the CTI industry is and will be aptly supported by its strategic  partnership with Cantata Technologies Inc., USA.NEI is the leading
 distributor for Media Processing, Network Interface, Call Control and
 Signal Processing products that enable the development applications,
 systems and services for both TDM and IP networks.

  Microsoft Corporation, USA:
NEI has partnered with Microsoft Corporation
 for development of Embedded Technologies for Windows based software
 and applications. Windows Embedded is an innovative suite of operating
 systems, tools and technologies that are specifically designed for today’s
 advanced embedded devices.
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